Payment Options

We accept different payment methods to suit your needs:

  • RIA and others

    Customers can pay for their products by WU or MG Systems simply and easily at their nearest WU or MG  agency.
    What are WU, RIA?  WU, RIA and  MG  are 3 different payment methods System. They are fast, effective and simple money transfer solutions, and are much more viable and secured methods of payment by cash in comparison to sending in post or collecting in person.
    As a customer of FentaMax®, you can transfer funds via WU online or at a local agent, and us (The Receiver) can pick up your funds(or payment) at participating agents locally. They are convenient and easy way to transfer money.
    After approval, your money arrives in minutes. We as the receivers can then pick up the money immediately. As receivers, we must show an ID to pick up the money.
    How to pay by WU, RIA or MG? To make a payment by WU, RIA or MG you need our payment details. To obtain these, you can either copy those details at Checkout while passing your order on our site, or just Contact us once you have successfully placed your order online, and we will email the details over to you. Once you place an order, we usually send it to you by email directly if you select Money Transfer as payment method.

    Once you have made your payment you will be given a money transfer control number (otherwise known as an MTCN). You will need to email the MTCN number and the full name of the person who made the payment to us in order for us to verify that the payment has been made and that it is for the correct amount.

    Once we have verified the payment which only takes a few minutes we will change the status of your order to “awaiting shipment” and begin the dispatch process for you to receive your order as soon as possible.

  • Bitcoin

    If you want to pay in Bitcoin, or just want to try it out, feel free! We accept payment made in Bitcoin.
    Bitcoin is a digital currency you can use for personal transactions or business at high speed and low cost. You can instantly checkout by selecting bitcoin payment method. Bitcoin officially supports all countries and currencies, so it’s great if PayPal isn’t provided in your country.